Judith Heinemann

Shiatsu practitioner, educated at the European Institute for Shiatsu*, Berlin
Non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy

I have worked for more than 20 years as Art Director in hectic and often stressful advertising agencies between Hamburg, Bremen, Munich and Berlin – living on stand-by mode. I have experienced the negative effects of stress and exhaustion and since learnt to treat others and myself with care and attention – and to seize the day. I discovered and learnt to love Shiatsu.
I decided to become a Shiatsu practitioner in order to help others with their troubles, and to guide them into a healthier future.

*The European Institute for Shiatsu is an Association for Shiatsu in Germany (GSD) accredited education. ESI schools are accepted in the national professional associations in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Austria.

Further Qualifications

Samurai Programm für Kinder, Karin Kalbanter-Wernike, Berlin, 2015
Baby-Shiatsu, Karin Kalbanter-Wernike, Berlin, 2014
Five Spirits, Carola Beresford-Cooke, Berlin, 2014
Kreatives Shiatsu bei Krebspatienten, Pamela Ferguson, Munich, 2013
Fasziale Arbeit im Shiatsu, Gabriela Poli, Berlin, 2013