At the beginning of the first treatment, a preliminary talk will take place in order to outline individual problems needing to be addressed during Shiatsu treatment.

My clients are suffering from:
- neck and shoulder tension
- back pain
- athropathy
- insomnia
- burnout
- menstrual and menopause problems
The therapist is able to resolve blockades and tension through gentle leaning with the thumbs, palms, elbows und knees as well as various stretches and rotations. The treatment releases a feeling of security and peace of mind.

Shiatsu is a Japanese bodywork and is not replacing treatment by a non-medical practitioner or doctor.

Shiatsu Berlin Mitte at your work place

I am available to visit your company and offer your employees a short timeout for regeneration.
Your company can spend 500 Euro a year on each employee social security tax free for health protection (ยง 3.34 EStG). Advantages are obvious: stress and health problems are reduced and concentration and productive efficiency rise. I am offering Mobile Shiatsu at your work place at a minimum of four sessions.